Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Sad for Ourselves


As we get older, as we reflect on our life passing, we might see outcomes of life-held attitudes, as having spoilt our life, not in the way great life-changing events do but the creeping damage from routines of habit. In particular, we’ve eroded something rich in our life by animal-eating. We do it three times a day and more, every day, year after year. It’s possible that each bite of animal-based food reminds us of the diabolical things we’ve been instrumental in doing to innocent, sentient animals. It’s sobering to think that within the next second, three thousand land-based animals will have been executed! That’s 20,000 deaths since you read that last sentence. The human population of this planet are mass murderers. How can you tell your grandchildren this?

[Animals executed by humans - 50 billion per year divided by 15 million seconds in a year]

Monday, February 27, 2017

Essential For Life?


Despite our great gains as humans, with a long list of brilliant discoveries and advances, we’ve nonetheless succumbed to a central piece of misinformation - that animals are essential to our survival. We’ve meekly accepted that we need to eat them to stay healthy. If this isn’t true, and obviously, vegans don’t think it is, then the whole human race has invested heavily in one carefully constructed fiction.


Set against this, vegans are emphasising that plant-foods are perfect for humans to thrive on. Nutrition ‘experts’, in the employ of the Animal Industry and therefore of the opposite belief, advise customers to “eat meat or you’ll die”. Few people feel confident enough to risk their own physical well being, let alone the lives of their kids, to find out if this is true or not.

But instinctively there’s something profoundly dodgy about using animals for food, something about the fact that we never see the animals we eat, they being always hidden away. We only get to see them dead, as meat. And that would suit most of us if only because it’s the end ‘product’ we’re interested in, not its provenance, unless its product-quality is involved. We certainly don’t want to be concerned with the animal we’re proposing to eat.

At some stage in our adult life, we consciously enter into a Mephistophelian contract - we trade compassion for lifestyle . According to this contract, we may enjoy our food just as long as we publically recognise that vegans are wrong about the safety of plant foods. This must be extended to suggest that people such as vegans, want to spoil people’s enjoyment of their food. They are spoilers, and are conspiring to kill us by imposing their plant-based diet on us.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

What Goes Around Comes Around

1922: Edited by CJ Tointon

Food is a sensory experience. The taste, texture and sense of being full, all contribute to a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction. But if the food is animal-based, there's a spiritual dimension to consider because animals have suffered in its making. If you care for animals, you won't be able to bear the taste of death in these foods. But if you detach the animal from the food, you won't worry about the spiritual side. You'll be able to 'eat, drink and be merry' - unless you have a weight issue. Animal-based foods are notoriously fattening. You might not acknowledge the food's spiritual dimension, but it isn't easy to completely push your mind out of the way. It's impossible to un-know what you already know. So when it comes to a stomach full of meat, your mind must always be full of the murder behind it.

Omnivores must desensitise themselves if they want to indulge in animal eating. Compassion and intelligence have to be thrown out the window. It's neither kind nor clever to connive at the killing of beautiful, innocent beings. We all know that they have feelings and fears, just as humans do. It's not as if we need their carcasses or by-products to survive. It's not as if we're out hunting them or risking our safety in any way. There's no physical danger to us at all. We know they can't fight back. We have them nicely locked up and ready for use. We've made everything easy for ourselves.

When it comes to 'food' animals, we humans have made sure that they've lost the ability to protect themselves. Nature has been tamed and we want it to remain that way. Once the animals are 'behind bars', we mutilate them (without pain killers), confine them to spaces so small they can't move, castrate the males, rape the females (by way of artificial insemination), fatten them and then brutally execute them! And the animals are powerless to stop us. But maybe animals DO have the final revenge. They DO bite back in a subtle and unseen way. The eating of their bodies and secretions presents a creeping damage to our metabolism. We often put on weight and suffer the ill effects of diabetes and heart disease. Animal-based cuisine makes us slow and lethargic and in a subtler way, our affectionate nature is weakened too. We lose empathy for those beings for which we'd otherwise feel great affection. But the bottom line is - we just can't resist eating them! So many of the foods we eat are animal based and we hesitate to deny ourselves the 'enjoyment' of eating them.

Because animals represent such rich pickings for humans, it must seem like madness (for omnivores) not to take advantage of them. But by choosing to use animals, we bring out the worst in ourselves. The guilt and shame should be enough, but we spend such a lot of money on these products. We get addicted to them, causing chronic health conditions which adds up to a slowing-down of self-development. Whatever chance you may have to make any spiritual advancement, is held back by regularly consuming such ugly products. 

The Animal Industries are only too happy to do your dirty work for you, rearing and killing and presenting the end product - just so long as you don't make a fuss about it. The deal is that we   turn a blind eye to the horror whilst they conceal as much of it from us as they can. Thus, we conspire together to objectify living, sentient beings.

Over the space of one single year, humans execute fifty billion land-based animals, none of whom are guilty of any crime. This wash of cruelty and destruction has forced us to pretend that what happens to animals doesn't actually happen! And then we try to convince ourselves that we are not really cold-blooded killers - but that is exactly what we are. There couldn't be a better example of self-deception, nor a better example of shooting oneself in the foot!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Doing Something About It


Perhaps, as consumers, we are not only brainwashed by misinformation but dazzled by the abundance of commodities in our shops. Steaks, rich dairy foods, soft woollen jumpers, cute cartons of pretty eggs, elegant leather jackets, plus many other affordable items, too numerous to mention. It’s all so attractive. It’s like living next to an Aladdin’s cave, which we can’t walk by without going in. We can’t pass up the chance to buy products, co-products and by-products of animal origin. We can afford to buy them and can’t afford to miss out on them, so we don’t look too closely at the fine detail. We let the horror story of animal cruelty go unremarked.

But what goes on in the privacy of the human mind, regarding the wrong of it all? We tell ourselves that we don’t want to see it. And if we do take notice, we might have to admit that “Something has to change, but let it not start with ‘me’. I’ll join you once you change. I don’t want to start the ball rolling”.

But ever since the advent of vegan-consciousness, the ball has been rolling. Rolling for some seventy years, and still not many have been seen to ‘join’.

An example: my ‘vehicle’ is lying in a ditch. It has broken down and obviously, it isn’t going to repair itself. It will lie there until I do something about it.

If something needs to be repaired in this world of ours, surely, I need to do what needs to be done. What you choose to do is none of my business. It’s a matter between me and my conscience. And I know that the less I take notice of my conscience, the weaker my central safety mechanism will be. Logically, I must come to a point where I’m no longer effectively in control, where I’ve left my car in the ditch, lost control of my own life and am at a standstill.

As I might mindlessly wander into a shop and spend my money on questionable products, so I might have done something I will regret later. If I keep on doing it there’ll come a time when I’m helpless to put any of it right again. Recently when the full impact of killing cattle was shown on one of our most popular TV current affairs investigation programmes, it didn’t require much of a leap of imagination to see how all eaters of beef are implicated. We were shown ugly scenes of how cattle were being killed. I heard a lot of talk about that programme, from meat-eaters, who were perhaps trying in vain to absolve themselves from what they were witnessing, and by now regretting. I wonder if, by now, they’ve forgotten what they saw.

Thursday, February 23, 2017



A numbed conscience lets us get away with things. A troubled conscience casts a dark light on what we do. Does conscience prick when we eat a steak? Does it sleep when we want it to NOT notice something?

Either sub-consciously or consciously, we presumably suffer ‘conscience pain’. Unless we can switch it off. But then, if it can be switched off, the habit of doing that might grow, until we lose that sensitivity altogether, meaning we can only ever be half awake.

It seems that part of human development relies on our seeing things very clearly, but a distortion arises where we are determined to close our eyes, for fear of being blinded by what we’re looking at.

When it comes to food we’ve learned how to desensitise. With animal-eating we say, “Everyone does it, so why shouldn’t I?” Just to help us along, we have ads on the TV to help us normalise animal-eating. Cooking shows on TV always use lots of meat and dairy. Dead animals play leading roles in travel and get-away holiday programmes.

Promoting animal foods is big business. Animals are always portrayed as being here for our benefit. The messy or cruel side of animal life down on the farm is never shown, only the ‘end product’ from dead animals - we never get to see them as live beings being prepared for their starring role, as dead food products. Even well educated people are capable of speaking nonsense about all this. They somehow convince themselves that, because they haven’t personally been involved in torturing or murdering animals, that they can’t be held accountable for what goes on behind the scenes. Conveniently, we pretend we know nothing, even though we know enough. We all know what the Animal Industry does, and we all know how we support that Industry with our dollars.

We try not to see ourselves as cold-hard-bastards. We try to let our untroubled conscience sleep on. And in this climate of acceptance, where meat and animal secretions are ‘just normal’, essential to satisfy our chronic wants, the only time we might be disturbed is when we meet up with one of those ‘damned vegans’, who ask how we can possibly go on supporting all this. The trick is to avoid all contact with vegans!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

There's No Such Thing As Conscience


The corrupted conscience of all carnivores and omnivores should weigh heavily. How could it not? We’re so cruel to animals, so supportive of those who are on the front line. It makes us hard. Scratch the surface of almost everyone who sports one of these consciences and we find a grumpy disposition. It shows on the face, with that familiar, tired, hardened-by-life, cold, vacant, gobsmacked, de-energised, detached look. You may not notice it about yourself but you’ll probably notice it in others.


Science can’t prove the existence of conscience! Fancy that! Many scientists, along with their non-scientist supporters, believe that ‘conscience’ is beholden to the interests of human advancement.

Vegans may avoid the white-coat brigade, afraid of their human-centredness, and take refuge in intuition. There we’ll find a much better truth, living within an always-ready-to-be-awakened conscience.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Conscience, Today's Attitude Problem


Not caring about what’s happening to all these animals is simply part of the predominant carelessness of humans. The reason we have to alter this attitude is that animals are not inanimate. They feel, move and have many life-functions similar to us. So, why do we give the farmer the nod to enslave them, torture them, kill them and eat them? Perhaps it’s because, for the majority of humankind, we like eating them. There’s a belief in the need for animal foods, spurred on by taste addiction for them and an economic attraction for these highly subsidised, ‘bargain’ food products. For that, we condone a cruel system of animal husbandry.


Being blasé about animal treatment begs the question: why does it matter? Simply because we’re side stepping something we wouldn’t normally be proud to be part of. By supporting cruelty, we’ve sold our hard won humanity for a handful of beans, o rather animal flesh. We’re the inheritors of brilliant and beneficial human discoveries, many of which have been useful and have conformed to conscience. But, with the development of animal husbandry methods and the making of foods based on animal ingredients, the voice of conscience has been weakened  to a whisper. We can’t be proud of the modern animal farm, where they practice mutilations and confine animals in cages, all of which is outside the bounds of a healthy conscience.